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Case Study: is the primary internet destination for brides in State College, Pennsylvania.  Their bridal directory ranks at the top of search results for the area but they were in need of a serious site redesign.  Functionality of the original Joomla site needed to be retained in the new Wordpress powered site.  This posed several issues as specialized plugins needed to be created to handle the tasks.  Site analytics was also of primary concern as was maintaining the sites current page ranking in Google.  All of this was accomplished with the aid of a preselected and highly modified Wordpress from RocketThemes.

The clients we're pleased enough with the results that they requested the addition of a forum section for the website which required complete integration as well as specialized permissions for various users.

All-in-all this was a very rewarding project as new Wordpress techniques were learned and strategies for deployment were developed. was in dire need of a redesign.  Their Bridal directory was using relatively old technology.  They wanted to jump to WordPress at their CMS.