Template Projects

Consumers Professional Credit Union


Consumers Professional Credit Union (or CPCU) Is a growing Mid-Michigan credit union focusing on superior customer service for it’s members. Their new site needed to reflect warmth and expansion.

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Designly was contacted by New York Gospel Outreach to redesign their website in order to attract more visitors from the youth market. They asked for bold and exciting colors and a teen-centric flare to the look of the site.

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Wanwicks Candles

Designly put together this template half as a joke and half as a demonstration of the flexibility of the Wordpress platform. The design itself was inspired by the dark hues of a “Man Cave” as well as the colors of open flame.

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Construction Company Website


Consumers Professional Credit Union was interested in offering affordable websites for it’s Select Employer Groups. Their first test site was to be for a local construction company.

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When the guys over at The Clash of The Geeks podcast needed a new design to entice more visitors they requested the aid of Designly.

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Glenco Enterprises


Glenco Enterprises is a local internet security consultant who came to Designly and requested a new layout for their outdated site.

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